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20 June 2018

MACAU SHOOT 2018 INFORMATION                                             



GLOBAL ARCHERY ALLIANCE (GAA)                       27 - 30 Nov 2018


1.         GAA Indoor Archery Champion Cup 2018

i)          Compound / Recurve (Men/Women)

ii)         Barebow Open

iii)        Master Open (40+)


2.         GAA Indoor Archery Youth Champion Cup 2018

i)          Recurve (Men/Women) (-17) (-15) (-12)

ii)         Compound Open (-17)

iii)          Traditional Open (-15) (-12)


3.         GAA Indoor Traditional Archery Champion Cup 2018

            i)          Traditional Open


WORLD ARCHERY (WA)                                                    30 Nov - 2 Dec 2018


i)             Compound / Recurve (Men/Women)



Registration tentatively will be open by July 2018


1) Registration of Indoor World Series in open WAREOS system with respective

     National Archery Federation’s World Archery Member username & password

2) Registration of GAA tournaments directly with Event Organizer


Event Organizer: Archery Alliance

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6 April 2018

Since World Archery has updated and expanded version of the

Indoor Archery World Cup circuit called the Indoor World Series,

Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2 at Bangkok will cease.


Archery Alliance LLP  who was the Event Organizer of

Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2 will host

Indoor World Series Macau (CHN) and will be supported by

Macau Archery Association.


This is the fourth stage confirmed by World Archery.

The schedule for the Indoor World Series Macau (CHN) will be from

30 November to 2 December 2018.


Looking forward to archers who have being with Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2 to continue supporting Indoor World Series Macau.

More information will be published when available

Simon Ho

Event Director

Indoor World Series Macau

7 MARCH 2018 



The expanded indoor circuit format will have three competition levels.


Following the success of the Indoor Archery World Cup since its official launch in 2010, World Archery has launched an event bid process for an updated and expanded version of the circuit called the Indoor World Series, due to debut for the 2018/19 season.

Key differences with the new series include three levels of event – 1000, 500 and 250 – each with different requirements, the creation of both elite and participation ranking lists, and the inclusion of a team ranking.

Events will be encouraged to develop strong identities, like The Vegas Shoot and Nimes Indoor Tournament, and improve year-on-year. 

“The indoor circuit is appealing because it is open entry, tournaments are of a manageable length and the competition is accessible to a wide range of archers,” said World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen.

“We’re hoping to build on the popularity of the Indoor Archery World Cup with the new Indoor World Series by emphasising the aspects of the format – both as a world-class competition and a mass-participation event – that make it such a success.”

It is expected that the tour will grow from four to between six and eight stages in the first season. Las Vegas as a stage and the final, and Nimes and Cancun as stages, are already confirmed.

Interested potential tournament organisers are invited to read the bid documents and apply for Indoor World Series inclusion before the deadline of 15 May 2018.

More information for interested archers will be available following the conclusion of the bid process.

From www.worldarchery.org

Ref Title* Given Name* Family Name* Date of Birth* NOC Category*
B009 Mr Jersey Liu 25/12/1988 AUS Barebow
B015 Mr Chaojun Liang 29/08/1995 CHN Barebow
2005 Mr Che Zhou 2/5/1981 CHN Barebow
B008 Mr Datong Wan 30/09/1971 CHN Barebow
2006 Mr Dechuan Peng 9/1/1984 CHN Barebow
B016 Mr Ge Xu 16/02/1979 CHN Barebow
2003 Mr Muqing Song 21/2/1985 CHN Barebow
2107 Mr Rong Shi 23/3/1988 CHN Barebow
2004 Mr Siyang Ding 31/1/1996 CHN Barebow
B010 Mr Wei Huang 25/06/1987 CHN Barebow
B017 Mr Xiaochuan Sang 02/09/1983 CHN Barebow
B007 Mr Yuhang Duan 02/05/1988 CHN Barebow
B018 Ms Yuqin Li 30/11/1964 CHN Barebow
B022 Mr Zheng Xie 06/05/1988 CHN Barebow
1888 Mr Nikolaos Malliaroudakis 10/8/1960 GRE Barebow
2010 Mr Ahmad Rifai Ahmad Badawi 31/3/1984 MAS Barebow
1907 Mr Jeffrey Pang 19/6/1965 MAS Barebow
1965 Ms Michelle Lau 21/3/1972 MAS Barebow
2096 Mr Mohd Fadzli Samsor 5/5/1981 MAS Barebow
1928 Mr Mohd Hassan Asan 29/7/1977 MAS Barebow
1966 Mr Sam Cheong 21/1/1969 MAS Barebow
1898 Mr Sharani Ibrahim 25/1/1971 MAS Barebow
1897 Mr Suhairi Azha Ariffin 11/6/1982 MAS Barebow
B002 Mr Ahmad Raziff  Mohamed Shariff 10/04/1977 SIN Barebow
B006 Mr Mohamad Noor Abdul Kadir 03/05/1968 SIN Barebow
B004 Mr Noorrazeep  Muhammed Don 07/12/1960 SIN Barebow
B003 Mr Paul Kok Teong Chong 25/06/1972 SIN Barebow
B005 Mr Saravanan Dharmalingam 23/05/1984 SIN Barebow
B001 Mr Syed Sagaff  Syed Idrus Aljoferi 14/10/1963 SIN Barebow
B033 Ms Anongnard  Taechawasunyoo 25/3/1968 THA Barebow
B034 Mr Apisit Opasiamlikit 25/12/1975 THA Barebow
B029 Mr Attapol  Chareonpak 30/9/1977 THA Barebow
B023 Ms Chuanpit Samranruen 16/10/1968 THA Barebow
B026 Mr Nawayu Lertruangsilpa 13/10/1992 THA Barebow
B011 Ms Nuttanun Luekanchanawanit 19/10/1990 THA Barebow
B012 Mr Pakorn Pruttivanijkul 22/07/1981 THA Barebow
B024 Ms Parattha Saksri 7/2/1970 THA Barebow
B021 Mr Peeraphon Ketprasert 1/3/1984 THA Barebow
B027 Mr Sarawut  Lertruangsilpa 30/11/1961 THA Barebow
B014 Mr Seksan Sombatjirakal 29/03/1984 THA Barebow
B032 Ms Sudarat Leehapaiboonsakul 22/1/1988 THA Barebow
1779 Mr Supin Smitkestrin 30/8/1955 THA Barebow
B013 Mr Teerapat Attapongmetee 30/04/1981 THA Barebow
B030 Mr Thitisak  Chongkolnee 7/11/1979 THA Barebow
B019 Mr Watchara Kohkaew 22/6/1974 THA Barebow
B020 Mr Wera Thamjarat 6/3/1964 THA Barebow
B025 Mr Wiroj Anankavanich 14/11/1969 THA Barebow
B031 Mr Wuthiwas   Numsangwanich 14/12/1978 THA Barebow
B028 Mr Yuttana Lertruangsilpa 16/9/1963 THA Barebow
1976 Mr Cesar David Vaughan 10/11/1951 USA Barebow
B035 Mr Chirayus Tharechat 30/9/1982 THA Barebow