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Global Archery Alliance

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                                         GLOBAL ARCHERY ALLIANCE (GAA)


Many countries have national archery federations which are under one international archery organization. Despite the fact that there are many international tournaments, each year only a limited number of those national archers can compete internationally. Majority of archery club members rarely has opportunity to participate in international events.


GAA is aiming to set up an international platform for archery clubs and their members, where they can gather in one arena and enjoy the sport of archery, boundlessly.


Many archery clubs are without support from their national federation and it is our goal to provide them assistance and support in the following:


  1. Club management system

  2. Technic and Coaching training

  3. Partnership in Training Course, Competition and other activities

  4. Jointly seeking sponsorship to support the sport


While GAA member archers can also enjoy benefits including access to all GAA activities:


  1. Archery Education: courses, seminars or workshops

  2. National, Regional and International Tournament

  3. Athletes Exchange Program

  4. Archery Educational Tours

  5. GAA Annual Festival





We take it our responsibility to keep the tradition of archery and it’s over 60,000 years’ history, yet we also have to move forward and advance into a new era following the modernisation and socialisation of the sport community.

We have been making efforts to simplify archery tournaments for the public to learn at ease, participate stress-free while make it still challenging and fun.


The trial Online Archery League launched in China since October 2017 is a success with overwhelming positive feedbacks from clubs and archers. We are now working to introduce it to more countries.


GAA Archery League is also planned and scheduled in 2018 for Asia. Co-events will include technic training courses for judges and coaches with the goal of educating a population of dedicated professionals to serve the clubs and manage our events.





We understand the necessity of creation and innovation to attract a bigger population to the sport, so as to attract support from enterprises and government bodies.

China is the biggest and fastest growing economy in the world with a rapid developing sports industry. That’s why we decided to set up our first base in Shanghai to help the existing archery clubs and archers. Next step is to expand regionally and internationally.

Working closely with archery clubs and archers, the vision of an unlimited range for everyone to benefit from archery will become true.

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