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                                         World Archery 9 July 2018 by Chris Wells


The new open entry international circuit replaces the Indoor Archery World Cup.


World Archery has announced the six events that are confirmed on the calendar of the 2018 Indoor Archery World Series, a refreshed international circuit running from November to February, featuring events in Luxembourg, Macau, Rome, Seoul, Nimes and Las Vegas.

The tournaments are open entry, meaning archers register themselves rather than participation only being as part of a national team. The new series encompasses three areas of competition.

  • An elite ranking based on accruing points according to final placing after eliminations, using each athlete’s best three results across the season. The 16 highest ranked archers in each division are invited to the Indoor Archery World Series Final, held after the last stage.

  • A brand-new amateur ranking based on 60-arrow qualification scores, using each athlete’s best three results across the season. Everyone who competes receives an amateur ranking.

  • A brand-new team ranking for pre-entered squads from clubs, national federations, brands and professional organisations. The combined elite ranking points of team members at each event give a team score, with the best three results across the season used in the team ranking.


Three levels of event make up the 2018 Indoor Archery World Series: 250, 500 and 1000. The level defines the maximum points available to archers in the elite and team rankings, minimum prize fund, and type of facilities and event production required.

                                            2018 INDOOR ARCHERY WORLD SERIES

Event name                                    Venue                                      Date                                 Level


GT Open                                         Strassen
                                                        Luxembourg                       24-25 Nov                        250


Macau Open                                    Macau
                                                        China                                  1-2 Dec                             250

Roma Trophy                                  Rome
                                                        Italy                                    15-16 Dec                         500

Seoul Open                                     Seoul
                                                        Korea                                  22-23 Dec                         500


Nimes Tournament                         Nimes
                                                        France                                18-20 Jan                        1000

The Vegas Shoot                             Las Vegas
                                                        USA                                     8-9 Feb*                            1000


Indoor Archery World Series        

Final                                               Las Vegas
                                                        USA                                         9 Feb

*The first two days of The Vegas Shoot make up the Indoor Archery World Series stage.

Additional events may be confirmed at a later date. Further details on the team competition and on registration to the events will be released soon.

World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen said: “The Indoor Archery World Series continues to build on the success of the Indoor Archery World Cup. The idea is to establish a self-sustaining mass participation circuit built on successful individual tournaments, strengthening a disicipline enjoyed by a large majority of recreational archers while providing a professional indoor tour for elite athletes.”



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